Skiing in Cyprus

Cyprus Skiing

The Troodos mountains spring to life not only in the middle of the hot summer as a cool refuge and holiday resort, but also in the winter, as this is the skiing centre for Cyprus. Yes it is true, swim and sunbath in the morning and then ski in the afternoon , or vice versa of course.
Here in Cyprus you can take advantage of the pleasures of winter sports under the beautiful blue Mediterranean sky. Mount Olympus has several ski slopes and is fun for skiers and players in the snow of all levels and all ages.
Skiing can be enjoyed on the slopes of Mount Olympus at 1951 metres, usually from the beginning of January to the end of March.   Mount Olympus is only 3km from the Troodos hill resort, 12km from Platres hill resort, and about an hours drive from the seaside towns of Limassol, Paphos or even the Capital Nicosia.
An International F.I.S. Skiing competition is organised every year by the Cyprus Ski Federation and takes place at the  Zeus Slalom Homologated Pits.

Cyprus is one of the few places in the world where on the same morning you can ski on the snow clad sides of Mount Olympus, and in less than an hour, swim or sunbathe at the coast.