Diving in Cyprus

Cyprus Diving

Cyprus is situated in the eastern side of the Mediterranean. It is a large island at 9250 square kilometres and has a coastline of 648 kilometres. The weather is typically Mediterranean, with hot summers and mild winters. A lot of Cyprus is agricultural land that is covered with ancient castles and Greek and Roman ruins.

If you rent property in Cyprus or vacation here, it is a great place to learn to dive with some basic sites on offer, as well as progression onto the simple wrecks then onto the more adventurous dives like Zenobia and exploring caves and tunnels. Most of the dive sites are only a few minutes boat trip and there are a quite a lot of shore dives available. Diving is most popular in the south of Cyprus around Ayia-Napa and Paphos, whilst Larnaca attracts some attention due to the wreck of the Zenobia, which is one of the best wreck dives in the world. The wreck is worth a trip to Cyprus for, and it needs to be dived more than once in order to appreciate the size of the wreck and get an understanding of it. For more impressive dive sites, it is necessary to travel to the North West tip of the island around the Akamas Peninsula. Often there are artefacts such as Roman pottery on the seabed, but please be aware that removing these items is strictly forbidden. Nitrox is available at some dive centres and there are two decompression chambers in Cyprus (Larnaca Makarion General Hospital and the British base of Akrotiri).